Nikolaos Kostroglou

Nikolaos Kostroglou

Founder, Shoply & Managing Partner, Koolmetrix

Nikolaos Kostroglou is a prominent figure in eCommerce advertising, partner at Koolmetrix and founder of Shoply. With a solid background in finance and statistics, he excels in leveraging data to drive strategic marketing decisions. As the founder of Shoply, Nikolaos has pioneered innovative solutions. His expertise lies in utilizing statistical methods and advanced customization techniques to optimize eCommerce advertising. Committed to excellence, Nikolaos integrates data analysis and strategic insights to ensure efficient and highly effective marketing efforts, revolutionizing how eCommerce ads are optimized.

Presentation title:

"Innovate to Elevate: Mastering E-commerce Performance Challenges"

Step into the future of e-commerce, where technology and innovation redefine performance marketing. This presentation unveils the critical challenges faced by online retailers. Discover how intelligent systems, predictive analytics, and tech-powered ad strategies can transform your e-commerce strategy. Join us to explore the next generation of e-commerce performance marketing.