Manos Papadakis

Manos Papadakis

Accelerated Growth Consultant, Google

Manos Papadakis is a seasoned marketing professional with a decade of experience in the online marketing and e-commerce industry. He is currently focusing on a Growth based program at Google, where he has a tenure of 3 years and held various roles, including Senior Account Manager and Agency Account Strategist. Prior to Google, Manos served as the Performance Marketing Director at Ogilvy Greece, where he oversaw digital marketing campaigns, e-commerce consulting, and SEO recommendations. He also has experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant at Sleed and a Digital Marketing at Throughout his career, Manos has consistently demonstrated a strong performance orientation and a passion for data-driven marketing strategies.

Presentation title:

"Omnichannel Strategies: Get Ready for Retail Peak"

Deep dive into the latest insights from Greece's omnichannel survey, explore local back-to-school trends for retailers, and learn the latest Google Ads solutions to enhance your customers' omnichannel journey.