Lampros Zolotas

Lampros Zolotas

Small Business Sales Lead, Google

Lampros has been leading Sales teams for more than 12 years in Google, Microsoft and Nokia by leveraging his coaching expertise to help organizations and people scale and grow. During his tenure before Google, Lampros worked with Telecom operators, Retailers and Tech Distributors, across CEE, Israel and Central Asia in the Mobile, Connected Devices and SaaS product lines. Since he joined Google, in 2022, he has been leading different teams across programs of the organization who are responsible for Scaling and Growing Small Enterprises, while focusing on scaling Sales Coaching skills among sellers in Central Europe, through AI and Leadership coaching tools.

Presentation title:

"How to take the most out of Google AI-powered ads"

In a world where AI becomes more dominant everyday in every aspect of our lives, it’s important to not only identify what the possibilities of AI are, but how we take advantage of it. In this presentation we will be focusing on how to put Google AI-powered Ads work for you to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.