George Skaltsis

George Skaltsis

Senior Account Manager, Google

George is a performance marketing and sales expert with 10 years of experience boosting business growth and forging successful partnerships for leading brands and agencies in South-East Europe. For the last 3 years he has been working at Google EMEA headquarters as a Senior Account Manager, where he helps companies develop digital marketing strategies to achieve their business goals. He also serves as a Diversification product specialist in CEE, adapting the latest product updates for YouTube and Demand Generation campaigns. Throughout his career, George has collaborated with companies across diverse sectors, including e-commerce, lead generation, omnichannel, and branding.

Presentation title:

"Demand Generation Campaign Best Practices (with case studies)"

Demand Gen: Google's new ad format for maximizing conversions with captivating video & image ads. Learn best practices and real-world examples to supercharge your performance marketing success.