George Alexander Somarakis

George Alexander Somarakis

Account Director, Nouveaux Kotler

George Alexander Somarakis studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Crete and holds an MSc in Digital Marketing with Analytics from Coventry University. Diving into the digital marketing world since 2018 and bouncing between agencies in 2021 and 2022, George saw the need to mix business intelligence with strategic marketing. Thus, Nouveaux Kotler was born, a lively agency specializing in guerrilla and performance marketing with a dash of data analysis for extra flavor. With top clients like Electronet and MemoryBox, Nouveaux Kotler is all about making marketing not just effective, but a blast!

Presentation title:

"Guerrilla Growth: Unleashing Unconventional Marketing for Explosive Brand Success"

A dash of mischief and a sprinkle of madness! Dive into the wild world of unorthodox marketing, where unconventional tactics are the name of the game. We'll reveal how playful brand voice changes, community shenanigans, and humor-infused campaigns led one business to a jaw-dropping 5X growth in two years and another to a cool 1.5X in just one year. Unleash your inner data geek to fine-tune your strategies, and master the art of omnichannel magic for a seamless customer experience. From email marketing to SEO, influencer antics to targeted ads, this lecture will arm you with the zaniest, most effective tools to transform your brand and leave your competition scratching their heads. Get ready to laugh, learn, and leave with a bag full of marketing tricks that actually work!