Dimitris Vakrinos

Dimitris Vakrinos

Brand Designer & Strategic Partner, Localization Design Specialist

Dimitris Vakrinos is a freelance Brand Designer & Strategic Partner with over 10 years of experience in creating compelling brand identities and strategies. He excels in helping brands humanize their voice and connect authentically with their audiences. Dimitris is also a Localization Design Specialist, collaborating with industry giants like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon to produce localized titles for their streaming platforms. His ability to blend creativity with strategic insight makes him an invaluable asset in both branding and localization.

Presentation title:

"The Humanization of Branding"

In this session, we will discuss a topic that's pivotal in today's digital landscape and learn how to treat a brand like a human being, with its own voice, beliefs, and more. Additionally, we will explore how a strong personal brand can aid in the process of humanization and how we can combine these elements to create captivating storytelling by leveraging Google tools to enhance these efforts.