Despo Papadaki

Despo Papadaki

Sales Manager, Google

Despo is an entrepreneurial and driven business manager, with 15 years' track record in various Generating Demand roles (Sales, Marketing, Trade Marketing) and Business turnaround experience in the FMCG industry. She is passionate about business finance, building brands and leading high performing teams. She joined Google and the world of Technology through Ad Sales 2.5 years ago. Based out of Dublin's EMEA Headquarters, Despo has been leading the team responsible for growing some of the largest direct advertisers across Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria. During this time, she has advised clients across multiple industries to drive accelerated business growth and achieve their objectives in an AI-first era , particularly in the field of LeadGeneration.

Presentation title:

"Future-proof Lead Generation with Google Solutions"

Lead Gen businesses have been historically focused on search. A deep understanding of their Lead-to-Sales journeys can help them effectively expand their strategies across surfaces, maximizing their potential for success.