Christina Voskoglou

Christina Voskoglou

Founder & Lead Consultant, InsightTree

Christina is a seasoned data research architect and data team leader with over 25 years of experience in the financial and tech industries. As the Founder & Lead Consultant of InsightTree, she supports big and small organisations to design visionary data strategies, understand their audiences, build high-performing data science teams and foster data-centric cultures. Her track record includes successfully managing large-scale cross-functional data projects that have significantly impacted business outcomes.

As a recognized thought leader in client/user insights research, Christina is renowned for pioneering methodologies that have generated industry-wide acclaim. In her role as the VP of Research and Product Innovation at SlashData, she designed quantitative and qualitative research approaches trusted by the decision-makers in leading tech organisations. Last but not least, Christina is a mentor who is proudly part of initiatives such as MentorCruise and Women in APIs, empowering the next generation of data professionals to find their way.

Presentation title:

"Beyond Personalization: Capturing Total Customer Value with the Customer Engagement Framework"

Personalization and predictive analytics are performance marketing staples, driving better targeting and higher ROI. But are you capturing the full value a prospect or client brings? Are you measuring the indirect value they bring? Are you building your predictive models, personalising your outreach, and prioritising your campaigns based on direct and indirect value combined?

This talk delves beyond traditional metrics to explore the indirect value of customer interactions: shares, comments, ratings, feedback, and even "freemium" users who influence others.

Developed by speaker Christina (Founder at InsightTree and former VP of Research & Product Innovation at SlashData), the Customer Engagement framework helps you capture total customer value, both direct and indirect. You'll learn how to:

- Measure and track indirect value: Identify and quantify the impact of all types of engagement, such as shares, comments, ratings, and product feedback.
- Prioritise campaigns based on total value: Optimise outreach and campaigns by considering both direct and indirect value.
- Fine-tune marketing strategies: Track how total customer value evolves as you refine your marketing initiatives

Why you should attend:
- Optimise campaigns for a maximised return on investment.
- Learn how to identify and prioritise high-value customers beyond just sales figures.
- Optimise your marketing strategy for maximum impact and engagement