Benjamín	Pettke

Benjamín Pettke

Regional Product Lead, Demand Gen & Diversification, Google

Benjamin is a marketing specialist who has previously worked in an agency for 5 years before joining Google in 2022. He’s a full funnel expert and currently focusing on Youtube as a Product Lead for EMEA helping advertisers to successfully utilize Youtube as an advertising platform to achieve growth for different Brands. In the past Benjamín has worked across different business models like Retail, LeadGen, Omnichannel Marketers and enjoyed working with Brands on Awareness goals.

Presentation title:

"The Power of Video Advertising in YouTube"

Youtube is a multi format Platform that offers access to very engaging audiences but also for content creation. YouTube as a platform helps advertisers to achieve their business goal in the most creative ways and leverages growth in a very unique way.