Anna Tsoni

Anna Tsoni

Strategic Agency Manager, Google

Anna joined Google in 2018 and since then has worked with a variety of industries and business maturity stages. She is based in Google's EMEA Headquarters and from her role as a Strategic Agency Manager she is partnering with top agencies and businesses building strategies to maximize business results ensuring profitability, while spotting additional growth opportunities based on pivoting or rising digital trends. Before joining Google, she worked in the Enterprise Software industry (Start-Up stage) partnered with top e-businesses in Greece overseeing the Go-To-Market strategy, and building from scratch processes to ensure the company's P&L and next funding rounds.

Presentation title:

"Future-proof Lead Generation with Google Solutions"

Lead Gen businesses have been historically focused on search. A deep understanding of their Lead-to-Sales journeys can help them effectively expand their strategies across surfaces, maximizing their potential for success.