Andi Jarvis

Andi Jarvis

Founder and Strategy Director, Eximo Marketing

Andi is the Founder and Strategy Director of Eximo Marketing, a marketing strategy consultancy based in Belfast and Liverpool.

Andi also hosts the Strategy Sessions podcast, a show that interviews some of the best marketers in the world. He holds an MSc in Marketing and the Marketing Week Mini MBA in Marketing. He also runs a fundraising project, Eximo & Friends with Barnardo’s, where marketers volunteer to provide consultations to small businesses in return for a donation to support refugees. You should also know that Andi likes to talk, at length, about: being a dad, his BBQ, rugby league, boxing and cricket.

You can find Andi on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Presentation title:

"Back to the Future of Marketing"

Technology is changing the speed that marketing can move. AI is revolutionising industries and analytics are providing more information about our customers than ever before.

Lots of this can help us do things faster. But does it help us become better?

In this session, Andi will explain how and why we need to understand the past of marketing to make the most of the future changes in marketing.